Shoshoni Talking Dictionary

The talking dictionary is currently being reviewed and updated.

Please check back in May 2017 to see the revised dictionary.  You can also contact us at regarding the dictionary release.

The Shoshoni Talking Dictionary, written in the Wick R. Miller orthography, was created using the LexiquePro software.  The Talking Dictionary has thousands of entries recorded by various Shoshone elders from different dialects.

The Shoshoni Talking Dictionary project began in collaboration with the Ely Shoshone Tribe, which received an ANA grant to produce a talking dictionary based on Boyd Graham’s 2008 dictionary. Boyd Graham, who headed the project, was assisted by Bryan Hudson, Julia James and Aaron Charles in creating the first version of the Talking Dictionary. Later editing was completed by Katherine Matsumoto-Gray, Rob Sykes and Jennifer Mitchell, Sarah Arnoff, and Trent Griffith.

Interns for the Shoshone/Goshute Youth Language Apprenticeship Program have expanded the Talking Dictionary for the past five years. The interns have collaborated with Boyd Graham and other elders in recording wordlists from various sources, such as the Shoshoni Project’s 30,000-entry Shoshoni Language Lexicon, as well as from additional word lists provided by Boyd Graham.

The Talking Dictionary is updated continuously. Because it may contain some errors, we appreciate hearing from you about your suggested corrections. Please use the contact page if you have any concerns about any of the entries.

The Talking Dictionary will also available on DVD in October 2014 for use on Windows computers (XP or later).  To request a copy of the Shoshoni Talking Dictionary on DVD, please use the contact page to send us a message.

The following elders (in alphabetical order) can be found on the current version of the Shoshoni Talking Dictionary: Margene Bullcreek (Goshute), Laurie (Caskey) Gibson (Owyhee), Delphina Gould (Fort Hall), Drusilla Gould (Fort Hall), Boyd Graham (Smokey Valley), Norm Cavanaugh (Elko), Ruby Ridesatthedoor (Goshute) and Rupert Steele (Goshute), Bernice Lalo (Battle Mountain), Libby Austin (Fallon), Elwood Mose (South Fork) and Rosie Jones (Owyhee).

Last Updated: 4/20/17