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Shoshoni Illustrated Book Series

The illustrated books have been formally published since 2012.  Currently, there are 15 published books with two more in production.

Many of the books are adaptations of traditional stories based on recordings from the Wick R. Miller Collection.  Other books focus on teaching the Shoshoni language (basic vocabulary and sentence structure) in a fun and visually appealing way.  The books were illustrated and developed by participants of the Shoshone/Goshute Youth Language Apprenticeship Program from 2009 - 2016.

The published hard copy books are not available for request or purchase at this time, but video books are available at any time.

Traditional Stories

Itsappeh wa’ai Toyatukkupittsih – Coyote and Mountain Lion (artwork redone in 2012)

Mea Nawapaiya – Creation of the Months


Tapai ma’ai Tapu – Cottontail and Sun


Tempin Ainkwantuhinte – Rolling Rock (artwork redone in 2012)

Pia Toya – Big Mountain 


Twelve – Twelve (artwork redone in 2012)


 Shoshone Stories

Kutise Itsappeh – Crazy Coyote


Tammen Newe Tepooh – Our Shoshoni Writing


Newe Tetsee – Counting Indian


Ne Toko ma’ai Mimiakwantu’i – I’m Going on a Walk with Grandpa


Nian Nanewenee – My Family


Tsaan Tekkapeha Yekwi – Our food gathering



Sokopittan Nanewenee Hakai Nemmi’ite? – How do animals move?

Grammar (instrumental and directionals)

Pia Kuittsunan Tua – Baby Buffalo

Grammar (instrumental and directionals)





Last Updated: 5/24/18