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General Material Requests

Language Teacher Material Requests

Please review the available materials below, then fill out the request form.


Below are materials that you may request, if you consider yourself a Shoshoni Language Teacher.

In an effort to meet the goals of our mission to disseminate older and new materials, we make many of the Shoshoni language materials available for request. We hope that you will use the materials to promote the use of the Shoshoni language and help in the efforts to revitalize it.

Due to funding restrictions and our funding source, we are unable to fulfill all requests. All requests are evaluated case-by-case. In order to make the material request experience easier for you, we have listed the particular materials that we find are the most useful to people.

Video Books

The first video books produced from the Shoshoni Language Project’s children’s books are now available!  You can watch them online on our website or on our Youtube page.  To request a copy of the video books on a disc, please complete the materials request form.  (See the link at the bottom of this page.)  The disc (which runs on Mac and PC computers, NOT DVD players) includes the video book files as well as documents containing the Shoshone transcriptions and English translations.  Artwork for the video books was created by participants in our SYLAP summer program.

Shoshoni Dictionary

The Shoshoni Dictionary is a 30,000-entry compilation of a number of published and unpublished lexicons/dictionaries (list below) of Shoshoni and Goshute. It includes many different writing conventions and systems. It is currently accessible online, but we can also send it to you on a disc.

Talking Dictionary

The Shoshoni Talking Dictionary is a 3,000-entry dictionary with audio from various speakers from around the West. It is updated every summer by students participating in SYLAP and is also available online. The dictionary uses the Lexique Pro software, which works only on Windows computers. If you own a Mac, we recommend you access the talking dictionary online rather than requesting a copy.

How to Read and Write Shoshoni

How to Read and Write Shoshoni was originally written and recorded in 1988 and revised in 1992. It was revised again in 2011. The book and its audio companion are currently going under further revisions and will not be available until fall 2015. However, you can still request How to Read and Write Shoshoni and we will send it to you when it becomes available.

Wick R. Miller Recordings

The complete list of the Wick R. Miller Collection can be found by clicking here. When filling out the General Material Requests form, you will need to indicate the “transcript file name” of each of the files that you would like to have.

We generally only send out Recordings from the Wick R. Miller Collection to the family members of those recorded. So that we can process your order in a timely manner and so that we can help other family members able to enjoy this rich data, please limit your requests to 5-10 items at a time.


Last Updated: 5/24/18