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The Teacher Toolkit is a collection of electronic resources from the Shoshoni Language Project (SLP) to help bring heritage language learners’ perspectives into the elementary and secondary level classroom.

Over the years, SLP has created various language teaching materials, i.e. toolkits, to aid in the instruction of the Shoshoni language.

We have created the following curricula: Pre-K/Head Start (Duckwater) level, K-6 (Gosiute) level, secondary level (Ely, Gosiute), and post-secondary level (University of Utah, SYLAP).

If you are a teacher and are interested in the Teacher Toolkit for either the Pre-K/Head Start or K-6 levels, then please see our request form for teachers by clicking here.


Pre-K (Head Start) curriculum and lesson plans

Courtesy of: Marianne Kobak McKown/Mining Quarterly

Courtesy of: Marianne Kobak McKown/Mining Quarterly

Teacher Toolkits for preschool-aged children have been developed by the Shoshoni Language Project.

The development team for the preschool curriculum includes Jeanne Lachowski, Shakea Jim, Samuel Broncho, Arloa Kelly, and Alexus Leyva.

The Pre-K/Head Start Teacher Toolkit, particularly the lesson plans, relies heavily on oral language and also on culturally-appropriate language with the incorporation of songs, games and activities to help the children enjoy learning.

Many of the language learning activities rely on the TPR method (immersion-based) of language learning, which has been found to be very successful with young learners.  Grammar is built into the lessons, but with such young learners, it is not necessary to teach it explicitly.

We are currently collaborating with the Duckwater, Duck Valley and Elko Head Start teachers to support Shoshoni language revitalization efforts at the early education level.

Courtesy of: http://artroom104.blogspot.com/2013/04/6th-grade-native-american-aboriginal-art.html

Courtesy of: http://artroom104.blogspot.com/2013/04/6th-grade-native-american-aboriginal-art.html

Elementary (K-6) Level

The theme-based curriculum for the elementary (K-6) level was created by the  Shoshoni Language Project to adhere to the World Languages Standards and the Great Basin Native American Language Standards.

The Elementary (K-6) Level Teacher’s Toolkit was originally developed for use in the Ibapah Elementary School.


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