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Wick R. MillerThe central component of the Wick R. Miller collection is audio recordings made by Wick of Native American speakers produced during the years 1966–1972. Topics of the narratives include coyote stories, stories about the speakers’ early lives at the turn of the century, how things were done in the old days, family histories and songs.

There are 151 reel-to-reel tapes in the following languages: Shoshoni, Comanche, Kawaiisu, Panamint, Guarijio, Tarahumara, Lillooet, some Australian Aboriginal languages and English. Additionally, there are 13 cassette tapes in the following languages: Shoshoni, Kawaiisu, Comanche, Western Mono, Guarijio and English. These tapes have all been digitized and remastered for preservation.