Shoshauna Redner

1. Name:

Shoshauna Redner

2. Tribe with which you are registered:

Timbisha Shoshone Tribe



3.Where you grew up:

Death Valley, CA


4.How many years have you participated in SYLAP and what was the first year in which you participated?

2 years (2013)


5.How did you hear about SYLAP?

Through one of my old high school teachers.


6.Why did you want to come (or return) to SYLAP?

I wanted to continue learning shoshone.


7.What do you hope to gain from participating in SYLAP?

College experince, work experience, and more shoshone vocabulary.


8.Based on your experience so far, would you recommend SYLAP to other Shoshone/Goshute youth? Why?

its a great learning experience. You meet a lot of different shoshone people and its fun.