Richelle Jojola

IMG_21811. Name:

Richelle Jojola

2. Tribe with which you are registered:

Shoshone-Paiute in Duck Valley Reservation

3.Where you grew up:

Duck Valley Reservation (Owyhee)

4.How many years have you participated in SYLAP and what was the first year in which you participated?

This is my first year

5.How did you hear about SYLAP?

My friend Val Horn came to SYLAP and I came to visit her here like 2 years ago and i knew when i was old enough I would come.





6.Why did you want to come (or return) to SYLAP?

To keep my language alive, I wanted to get away from home for the summer and i knew this experience was worth it.




7.What do you hope to gain from participating in SYLAP?

Learn my language and share my knowledge with others.



8.Based on your experience so far, would you recommend SYLAP to other Shoshone/Goshute youth? Why?

Yes, because it is all up to our generation to keep our language alive. Our future Shoshone people shouldn’t have to suffer not knowing or have the opportunity to learn our language because our generation let it die.