Mariah Gonzales

IMG_21641. Name:

Mariah Gonzales

2. Tribe with which you are registered:

Sho-Pai Tribes

3.Where you grew up:

Owyhee, NV

4.How many years have you participated in SYLAP and what was the first year in which you participated?

I first came to SYLAP in 2013 so this is my second year or summer coming here to SYLAP


5.How did you hear about SYLAP?

I heard about SYLAP from my mom then I found out more about it when I came and dropped my sister Rachael off.


6.Why did you want to come (or return) to SYLAP?

I wanted to return because SYLAP is helping reach my goal of becoming fluent my language and also knowing more about myself or where I come from.


7.What do you hope to gain from participating in SYLAP?

I hope to gain more knowledge about my language and culture so I can bring what I know home and tell and teach the other youth about SYLAP.


8.Based on your experience so far, would you recommend SYLAP to other Shoshone/Goshute youth? Why?

Yes, i highly recommend SYLAP for us young adults because they need to know that there is more than just the rez and that they don’t have to just stay home they can be out. They need to learn where they come from and that their language is dying out. It starts with us then from them knowing where we learn and where we work then they might get more motivated to learn.