Lori Arrive

IMG_21901. Name:

Lori Arrive

2. Tribe with which you are registered:

Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone <3

3.Where you grew up:

Fallon, Nevada

4.How many years have you participated in SYLAP and what was the first year in which you participated?

I participated SYLAP through 2013 to 2014.

5.How did you hear about SYLAP?

The Shannon Hooper told me about SYLAP she is the lady who helps the Native American students at my high school. She was asking all the shoshone students if they where interested in going to this program to learn Shoshone.


 6.Why did you want to come (or return) to SYLAP?

I wanted to learn my shoshone language, meet other shoshones in Nevada, go to the University of Utah and learn more Shoshone traditions and stories.(:


 7.What do you hope to gain from participating in SYLAP?

To speak shoshone in sentences, learn more traditions, stories and to also meet new people.


 8.Based on your experience so far, would you recommend SYLAP to other Shoshone/Goshute youth? Why?

I would recommend SYLAP to other Shoshone/Goshute youth because it is a great experience. You learn so much and meet people who would possibly be your best friend(s). Bryan is the Shoshone teacher the method that he uses is a method that I and other SYLAP students learn really good and seems to stick to my brain.