Augastina Fernandez

IMG_21681. Name:

Augastina Fernandez

2. Tribe with which you are registered:

Te-Moak Western Shoshone

3.Where you grew up:

West Wendover, NV

4.How many years have you participated in SYLAP and what was the first year in which you participated?

This is my second year participating. My first year was in 2012


5.How did you hear about SYLAP?

From the ex Chairman on our colony. She gave me the forms and told me to fill it out and she will mail it our so I did.





6.Why did you want to come (or return) to SYLAP?

I wanted to return so I can take everything I learned and make sentences and get more of understanding of the language. I also wanted to play handgames and work with different people and the same supervisors.




7.What do you hope to gain from participating in SYLAP?

I hope to gain more words for my own dictionary of words that I learned from my previous experiences. I hope to learn how to pray in shoshone and how to say basic sentences I also hope to make new friends.



8.Based on your experience so far, would you recommend SYLAP to other Shoshone/Goshute youth? Why?

Of course I would. If you are Native, Shoshone/Goshute, to be exact, you should definitely come to SYLAP. Our language is dying and not a whole lot of people (elders) are doing anything about it. Its up to the youth to keep the flame going before it burns out. It is such a great experience, its not all language learning, there is work and awesome projects!  There is the college experience as well. There is tons to do here, but learning shoshone is the best and at the end you gain a family and you feel more confident about being Native American.